Nat. Commun. 14, Article number 142 (2023)

Selective photoelectrochemical oxidation of glucose to glucaric acid by single atom Pt decorated defective TiO2

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Scalable two-step annealing method for preparing ultra-high-density single-atom catalyst libraries

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Atomically dispersed antimony on carbon nitride for the artificial photosynthesis of hydrogen peroxide.

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Spin pinning effect to reconstructed oxyhydroxide layer on ferromagnetic oxides for enhanced water oxidation

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Electronic metal–support interaction modulates single-atom platinum catalysis for hydrogen evolution reaction (Editor’s Highlight)

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Ordered clustering of single atomic Te vacancies in atomically thin PtTe2 promotes hydrogen evolution catalysis

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Efficient photocatalytic hydrogen peroxide generation coupled with selective benzylamine oxidation over defective ZrS3 nanobelts

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From Ru-bda to Ru-bds: a step forward to highly efficient molecular water oxidation electrocatalysts under acidic and neutral conditions

Yang, J.; Wang, L.; Zhan, S.; Zou, H.; Chen, H.; Ahlquist, M.S.G.; Duan, L.* & Sun, L.*

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Promoting CO2 methanation via ligand-stabilized metal oxide clusters as hydrogen-donating motifs

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Atomically-Precise Dopant-Controlled Single Cluster Catalysis for Electrochemical Nitrogen Reduction

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Coordination Engineering of Iridium Nanocluster Bifunctional Electrocatalyst for Highly Efficient and pH-Universal Overall Water Splitting

Wang, Q.; Xu, C. -Q.*; Liu, W.; Hung, S. -F.; Yang, H. B.; Gao, J.; Cai, W.; Chen, H. M.; Li, J. & Liu, B.*

Nat. Commun., 11, 1633 (2020)

A Solution-processable and ultra-permeable conjugated microporous thermoset for selective hydrogen separation

Liu, W.; Jiang, S.-D.; Yan, Y.; Wang, W.; Li, J.; Leng, K.; Japip, S.; Liu, J.; Xu, H.; Liu, Y.; Park, I.-H.; Bao, Y.; Yu, W.; Guiver, M. D.*; Zhang, S.* & Loh, K.P.*

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Chloride-mediated selective electrosynthesis of ethylene and propylene oxides at high current density

Leow, W.*; Lum, Y.*; Ozden, A.; Wang, Y.; Nam, D. H.; Chen, B.; Wicks, J.; Zhuang, T. T.; Li, F.; Sinton, D. & Sargent, E.H.

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High-valence metals improve oxygen evolution reaction performance by modulating 3d metal oxidation cycle energetics

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Covalency competition dominates the water oxidation structure-activity relationship on spinel oxides

Sun, Y.; Liao, H.; Wang, J.; Chen, B.; Sun, S.; Ong, S. J. H.; Xi, S.; Diao, C.; Du, Y.; Wang, J.; Breese, M. B.H.; Li, S.; Zhang, H. & Xu, Z.*

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Tuning OH binding energy enables selective electrochemical oxidation of ethylene to ethylene glycol

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Tuning of catalytic sites in Pt/TiO2 catalysts for the chemoselective hydrogenation of 3-nitrostyrene

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Hydrogen Spillover through Matryoshka-Type (ZIFs@)n-1ZIFs Nanocubes

Zhan, G.W. & Zeng, H.C.*

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Controllable Deuteration of Halogenated Compounds by Photocatalytic D2O Splitting

Liu, C.; Chen, Z.; Su, C.; Zhao, X.; Gao, Q.; Ning, G.H.; Zhu, H.; Tang, W.; Leng, K.; Fu, W.; Tian, B.; Peng, X.; Li, J.; Xu, Q.H.; Zhou, W. & Loh, K.P.*

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Atomically dispersed Ni(I) as the active site for electrochemical CO2 reduction

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Interface Confined Hydrogen Evolution Reaction in Zero Valent Metal-Intercalated Molybdenum Disulfide

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Palladium-tin catalysts for the direct synthesis of H2O2 with high selectivity

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Population and hierarchy of active species in gold iron oxide catalysts for carbon monoxide oxidation

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